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Holy Icons originated in the very early centuries of Christianity, hundreds of years before the great schism that separated the Eastern Church from the Western Church. Today, new Christian icons are being painted by Orthodox, Catholics, and Protestants. Most importantly, they are being understood as windows into eternity for a young generation of Christians.

Saint Patrick Icon with Scenes From His Life, For Saint Patrick's Church, Palm Beach, Florida,New Christian Icons
Saint Patrick Icon with Scenes From His Life, For Saint Patrick's Church, Palm Beach, Florida

Christine’s new Icon Print Website has an amazing array of choices available.  You can choose sizes, have it printed on canvas, wood, metal or paper and choose a frame as well.  There’s even a wonderful feature that allows you to see what the print would look like on the wall!

Christine Hales Icons        Visit the site- a beautiful Icon print makes the perfect gift.

 Christine Hales retains all of the copyrights to all of her artwork on this site, regardless of having sold the original image.  You must contact Christine or her legal advisors in order to use an image for commercial purposes, whether or not you now own the original artwork.   Thank you.

Icon Commissions

Christ is Risen!  

This Icon was recently completed for a collector in New Jersey.  It is painted using egg tempera and gold leaf gilding on an Icon board  with a kovchek.

The dynamic composition of this icon mirrors the power of the subject.  Here we see Christ trampling down the gates of hell and pulling Adam and Eve from their coffins. Christ is surrounded by a mandorla and the light of God emanates from him outward to all who witness His Resurrection.

God’s love can sometimes be apprehended through an Icon more easily than a book, or sermon. Our culture is desperately in need of God’s love, and since images speak directly to our hearts, icons speak to many people. In addition to the joy we have in writing the Icon, we can share it with many, many people. Writing icons can be an act of service, giving and sharing  the talents we have been blessed with. Icons speak to us today using the images, symbols and spiritual foundations of the Christian Church.

For more on how to commission an Icon click here.

The Harrowing of Hell Icon.Christine Hales
Mary Magdalene Icon c. 2019 Christine Hales

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