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New Christian Icons are holy icons for today’s church. Since Holy Icons originate in the very early centuries of Christianity, they are strong reminders of our faith.  Today, new Christian icons are  painted as expressions of our faith as we experience it today. Because  icons are  understood as windows into eternity for a young generation of Christians, we continue to create them with great joy.

NEW CHRISTIAN ICONS are a form of visual symbolic language while also telling the story of the Gospel and Old Testament. They show  us the way to deeper relationship to God.  As each element in an Icon is there for a reason, they tell the Gospel story. Also they convey the qualities and deep spirituality of the saint depicted.


Student Testimonial

“I have studied the art of creating icons under Christine Simoneau Hales’ tutelage, over the past ten years. It is through Christine’s giftedness as an artist and teacher, that a whole new world has opened up for me. Through her classes, I learned not only about the tradition and techniques of Byzantine iconography, but also about the spirit that imbues this art form. 

Patiently, week by week, Christine has led a group of us student iconographers to develop our skills in handling the tools of our art (wood panel, egg tempera, and gold leaf), and in using color and form to express our prayers in a temporal medium. As we fledgling icon artists became more skilled and confident in the traditions of Byzantine iconography, Christine has guided us to build on those traditions in order to find a voice that would speak to people in today’s world.” D. Herring

LIVE ON ZOOM ! ONLINE ICON WRITING CLASS MAY 24-27, 2022. Each session is recorded and available to view later.

Mary Magdalene


LIVE ON LINE ICON PAINTING CLASSES   May 24-27, 2022  ***Painting and Drawing an  Icon of Mary Magdalene  LIVE ON ZOOM***

May 24-27, 2022: Drawing and Painting an Icon of Mary Magdalene

This is a unique opportunity to learn Iconographic principles online while viewing in your own time, at your own pace.  Somethings take more time than others, and I think this process with be a big help to people just beginning or to more advanced painters who want time to make corrections in their work.

Each step of writing the icon is demonstrated and a recording of each class is provided for each student to review each day.

This class goes in depth into composition in icons- another essential element in the power and beauty of icons that helps them tell the story of that particular icons.  Each great icon can be studied in relation to the scared geometry used in its composition.  We paint an icon of one of the Baptism of Jesus in this class.

Important Class for Complete Beginners as well as Experienced Icon Writers

This class is an essential and fascinating guide to composition and spiritual flow within icons, from basic principles, historical examples of icon compositional development, to practical applications and exercises.

The Class Schedule is as follows:  Tuesday, 9:00-10:30am EST, 2:00Pm-3:30PM: Wednesday, 9:00AM-10:30AM, 2:00PM-3:30PM: Thursday, 9:00AM-10:30 AM, 2:00PM-3:30PM: Friday, 9:00-10:30AM, 2:00-3:30PM.   Recordings will be available for any missed classes. Learn More

$175 Tuition

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Praise For Eyes of Fire

Christine Hales’ beautiful book “Eyes of Fire” offers skilled and thoughtful insight into Christian iconology/iconography through theological and cultural context, as well as her own introduction to and experience with icons. Her book then delves much deeper to reveal and detail the sacred art of writing (painting) icons using egg tempera medium and adherence to ancient iconographic methods and parameters. Truly a treasure for iconographers and novices alike!” Maureen V. 

More Reviews:

“Thank you for sharing your work with icons. I enjoyed your book Eyes of Fire: How Icons Saved My Life As An Artist. It is one of the best comprehensive studies of the evolution and spiritual presence of the icon.” J. Mummy

Iconography As a Spiritual Discipline

Iconography is a wonderful was of expressing the Divine to our senses. It is not, however, a “free art form” but quite a discipline. The author uses her icons to express her love for God and she prays, studies and contemplates the divine as she works. In her course I noticed her understanding of the sacred work that we were making. I love the icon I made with Christine and have wanted to read her book and review it ever since that day when I took her course.
The book is a window into the soul of an artist whom God has enlightened and commissioned to relate His story of love for all mankind through iconography.

I enjoyed this book and hope you will too!”

Christine Calabrese, Indie Author

“This is s great book. It has everything, from principle to practice – from history to how to, all in one place.”  Sharon


Christine Hales Icon Prints

Christine’s new Icon Print Website has an amazing array of choices available.  You can choose sizes, have it printed on canvas, wood, metal or paper and choose a frame as well.  There’s even a wonderful feature that allows you to see what the print would look like on the wall!

Christine Hales Icons        Visit the site- a beautiful Icon print makes the perfect gift.

 Christine Hales retains all of the copyrights to all of her artwork on this site, regardless of having sold the original image.  You must contact Christine or her legal advisors in order to use an image for commercial purposes, whether or not you now own the original artwork.   Thank you.

Icon Commissions

Christ Pantocrator

Elizabeth Ann Seton School in  Washington State, commissioned for the as a memorial to the passing of a loved one, this Christ Pantocrator Icon.

This Icon is painted to be the front of a tabernacle on the altar of the school chapel.  The reverse side is double gilded gold leaf.

God’s love can sometimes be apprehended through an Icon more easily than a book, or sermon. Our culture is desperately in need of God’s love, and since images speak directly to our hearts, icons speak to many people. In addition to the joy we have in writing the Icon, we can share it with many, many people. Writing icons can be an act of service, giving and sharing  the talents we have been blessed with. Icons speak to us today using the images, symbols and spiritual foundations of the Christian Church.

For more on how to commission an Icon click here.

Videos.Christ Pantocrator by Christine Hales
Christ Pantocrator

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This past month, I’ve had several invitations to share my icons, including for the coffee hour at our condo development in Sarasota and at the

Mary Magdalene Icon

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene Icon Writing Class May 24- 27, 2022 The subject of our next online icon writing class is a beautiful Italian Icon of Mary

St Anthony.Christine Hales

Russian Icons Gallery

Holy Icons in the Modern World: The Art of Christine Hales Russian Icons Gallery: This month, my work has been blessed with some international attention