Four Days of ONLINE ZOOM classes:

    • April 13-16:  Color Theory and the Icon
    • July 13-16:  Sacred Geometry and the Icon
    • September 14th-17:  Drawing and the Icon
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St George and the Dragon
St George and the Dragon

This is an opportunity to practice and study Byzantine color theory and learn much more about how to mix colors for the icon.  We use traditional materials such as a gessoed icon board and egg tempera paints to create an icon of Saint George and the Dragon.

Learn about transparency, opacity, value and chroma and how to use these to create stunning icons.

Balance in color provides harmony, vivacity,  and a sense of iconic light, so important in the painting of an icon.

This class is an essential guide to color- from basic principles to practical applications that apply specifically to icon painting.  We use egg tempera paints in this class and that makes the transparency of layers also an important element in color mixing.

Through video demonstrations and powerpoint illustrated talks, Christine expertly teaches how to create your own color charts that will help enormously in organizing color in each new icon.   After registration, each student will receive by email a materials list with helpful links for ordering icon boards and other supplies.

Tuition for all four days: $125.00

This is an extremely popular class. Christine usually teaches this in person, but due to covid it is now available online!  Register now to save your space:

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April 13-16 online class


These classes have been recorded from live Zoom classes.  They are available now to watch online at your leisure.  You can sign up for any of them on the Thinkific learning platform.

These online icon painting classes were started during Covid quarantine as a way for my students to continue learning and for our icon painting community to grow and enrich each other with our progress .

The aim of this Icon school is to provide solid and foundational teaching in the spiritual discipline of Icon painting (writing). The classes teach both how to paint icons and how to engage prayerfully in the practice of icon painting.

Icon writing classes are offered live online through Zoom,  and also there are  pre-recorded classes available to purchase with online access. these icon painting classes teach painting with egg tempera using natural pigments in the Byzantine tradition. Each live class is recorded and made available for students for their personal use to review and play back in their own time for six months.

Additional Information for Icon School Online Classes

The course offers practical assistance and demonstrations for each step of the process as well as the theology and history of Icons. Each class covers a different aspect of painting Icons in order to form a complete series of classes that will give the student confidence and experience to create their own icons. Christine Hales is the founder of the American Association of Iconographers.

Good Shepherd Icon
Good Shepherd Icon

Pre-Recorded ONLINE Icon Writing Class

The Good Shepherd Icon

In this online icon writing  class, we are  writing an Icon of  The Good Shepherd that has been prerecorded on zoom.

While these classes are for beginners and those with more experience, we are starting at the beginning with the Good Shepherd Icon. 

Here you will learn the basic colors needed to paint an icon, learn how to mix the egg tempera mixture, and all the steps necessary to complete an Icon. 

Icon Painting Class 101: Color Mixing with The Greek Key

Using a limited palette students  learn how to mix their own egg tempera paints and gain confidence in color mixing for icon painting.

This simple palette is the basis of many beautiful and successful icons.  

You may wish to just watch, take notes, or paint along with the instructor.  The classes will be recorded and posted later on you tube so you can replay them and follow along that way also.

Each of the 8 Sessions  demonstrates each step of the icon painting process.

Students have access to the videos in order to watch and practice at their convenience for a six month period.

This class is taught on Zoom and the sessions are available on the Thinkific learning platform.  You will need a computer, and a free Thinkific account.

There is a Face Book Page, for students only, where you can post your works in progress, questions, and ask for comments or suggestions.

This is a unique opportunity to learn Icon painting online. You can do it in your own time, at your own pace.  Somethings take more time than others, and I think this process with be a big help to people just beginning or to more advanced painters who want time to make corrections in their work.

Tuition:  $125

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Egg Tempera Pigments
Egg Tempera Pigments


ONLINE, Pre-Recorded Icon Writing Class

Color Mixing Part II

 Archangel Raphael Icon

The Icon is embodied prayer. It is created in prayer and for prayer. It depicts the driving force of the love of God,  helps us and our viewers to experience Him as the ideal of perfect beauty.

In this class, we paint the Archangel Raphael using egg tempera and gold leaf gilding in this class.  It is pre- recorded, with 8 sessions that are approximately 1 +  hour in length.

While these classes are for beginners and those with more experience alike, we are starting at the beginning with the Archangel Raphael Icon.  Here you will learn the basic colors needed to paint an icon, how to add colors to the Greek Key with an understanding of color harmony, learn how to mix the egg tempera mixture, and all the steps necessary to complete an Icon. 

Adding Additional Colors to Use WITH THE GREEK KEY

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Register now and and get started painting your Archangel Raphael Icon.

Archangel Raphael Icon by Christine Hales
Archangel Raphael Icon by Christine Hales