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Saint Peter Icon for Saint Peter's Church, Lakewood, Ohio

The Confession of Saint Peter Icon

Finished the Saint Peter Icon!

The Confession of Saint Peter Icon is 5’x4′, painted in egg tempera and is an original composition. The scene takes place with Jesus speaking to Peter in the presence of His disciples. I used Iconographic principles and Traditions to arrive at the composition, especially including the use of sacred geometry for the placement of the figures and foreground images. It took about two and a half months to complete. During that time, I had to put aside other work and focus on getting the Icon finished in time for the dedication planned for Pentecost.

Confession of Saint Peter Icon
It’s hard to see the Icon go! I came to love the figures and their interaction.

Saint Peter’s Church, Lakewood, Ohio

The Icon was dedicated on Pentecost at Saint Peter’s Church in Lakewood Ohio. My father’s family is from the Ohio Valley, and so I felt God’s grace with being able to paint an Icon to bring to the land of my ancestors.

Working with Father Keith over the months was a joy. He contributed the Greek inscriptions, the subject matter, and the idea of the landscape elements in the foreground. In the foreground there is a set of keys on the left and a rock on the right, both of which are mentioned in the same passage of Matthew’s Gospel as the famous quote from Jesus “Who do you say I am?” to Peter- the subject of the Icon.

Commitment to Drawing

This summer I am concentrating of the drawing aspect of painting Icons. Each day I start in the studio with a series of drawings, sometimes it is hands, sometimes, feet, or drapery. It’s important for me to constantly train my hand and eye to see in the more symbolic way of Icons, and to reproduce that in imagery that is true to the Canons of Iconography. It’s fun and I love the discipline of the practice.

Upcoming Icon Writing Classes

July 16-19 Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, New York , I will be teaching an Icon class on Color and Light in the Icon. This is a great class for those who want to understand color mixing with egg tempera. And of course it’s always a treat to spend time at the Benedictine monastery of Holy Cross. It’s right on the Hudson River and the peacefulness of the location fits perfectly with Icon writing and contemplation. And of course the Monk’s Cell Book store is well worth a visit too! You can purchase my Icon book, “Eyes of Fire” there!

There are still two spots open if you’d like to join us. Give the guest master a call: 845-384-6660 to register.

September 26-28, Saint Patrick’s Church, West Palm Beach, Florida

I’ll be teaching an Introduction to Icon Writing workshop at the incredibly beautiful Saint Patrick’s Church in West Palm Beach this fall. We will be painting the image of the Archangel Michael, using egg tempera and gold leaf gilding.

We have one or two spaces left in that one- why not come for a short holiday in Florida to write Icons? There are beautiful beaches nearby to visit before or after the workshop. Email me at: christine@newchristianicons to register.

That’s all the news for now- have a blessed summer and don’t forget to pray! Pray for people you know, and those you don’t know. Prayer is the single most important action we can take to bring God’s Kingdom here on earth.

Love and prayers,

Christine Hales

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