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Holy Icons in the Modern World: The Art of Christine Hales

Russian Icons Gallery: This month, my work has been blessed with some international attention and I want to share it with you. Russian Icon Gallery is located in Estonia and sells ancient icons. However, they liked my work and have written two blog posts and a press release about it, so I include excerpts as well as the links if you’d like to read the whole articles.

“My passion is to teach people how to receive God’s love through prayer and veneration of icons.” These words were said by Christine Hales, a talented contemporary icon painter and iconography instructor. She is one of those few artists who decided to devote their lives to the sacred art of icon painting, bringing the ancient craft to the modern world. Her incredible holy icons now adorn the walls of churches for everyone to enjoy. Read on to learn more about Christine Hales and her meaningful religious icons.

Ancient and Modern Icons

Christine Hales is an artist who is widely known for creating icons for churches. She also gives icon painting classes at universities, monasteries, and online. Christine Hales creates large Byzantine-style icon paintings, portable icons for private collections, and unique religious compositions reflecting the church traditions.

Christine Hales can make a masterful copy of any ancient icon, but she actually does much more than that. The artist perfectly combines antique plots and traditional iconographic canons with modern techniques and painting methods, thus creating truly unique holy icons that stand out from many others.

Christine Hales has a BFA in painting from Massachusetts College of Art and a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy from the College of New Rochelle. Possessing the extensive knowledge in the art of icon painting and fine art overall, she shares her experience by teaching iconography and running a monthly blog. Besides, Christine Hales is the founder of The American Association of Iconographers.

Eyes of Fire Book

Apart from her accomplishments in the field of contemporary iconography, Christine Hales is an author of the book titled “Eyes of Fire, How Icons Saved My Life as an Artist.” In this book, she travels through time, telling about the history of icons and how they evolved in art down the centuries. The publication is full of holy icons created by the artist, as well as prominent works by other iconographers. The book is a window into Christine Hales’s soul, aimed to help modern people understand and appreciate religious art properly.

Christine Hales is a highly talented and dedicated artist whose icons are commissioned by churches and individuals alike. We highly recommend that you take a closer look at her art and read her amazing book “Eyes of Fire, How Icons Saved My Life as an Artist.” It is available on Amazon.

Here is the link to the blog article from the Russian Icon Gallery.

Christine Hales Creates Religious Icons for a Young Generation of Christians

Additionally, they have released a great press release about my work and here is the link.

Russian Icon Collection is pleased to introduce the talented artist Christine Hales who creates new religious icons for a young generation of Christians.My passion is to teach people how to receive God’s love through prayer and veneration of icons.”— Christine Hales

NEW YORK, NY, US, September 26, 2021 / — The online gallery Russian Icon Collection is pleased to introduce the talented American artist Christine Hales who creates new religious icons for a young generation of Christians. Her icons are a perfect combination of centuries-old iconographic traditions and contemporary painting techniques and approaches. Works by Christine Hales are in many private collections and homes of Christian believers and are in a number of churches throughout the United States. The artist also gives icon painting classes at monasteries, universities, and online.

Christine Hales says, “My passion is to teach people how to receive God’s love through prayer and veneration of icons.” Her works speak to people, telling them the story of the Gospel and the Old Testament and showing them the way to a deeper relationship with God.

Icon Writing Classes online

In addition to painting holy icons for churches and individuals, Christine Hales offers several icon painting courses throughout the year to teach beginner iconographers how to paint icons in the Byzantine style. Using gold leaf gilding and egg tempera to paint the icons. Christine is also the founder of The American Association of Iconographers and writes a monthly blog to share her deep faith and joy of icon painting with others.

It is also impossible not to mention Christine Hales’s book “Eyes of Fire, How Icons Saved My Life as an Artist,”which gives an amazing opportunity to learn more about its author’s work and the history of icon painting through the centuries. “Eyes of Fire, How Icons Saved My Life as an Artist” by Christine Hales is available on Amazon.

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I’m very grateful for God’s blessings with this attention, and pray that His purposes be fulfilled.


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