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Recently Completed Icons

” It is certainly a challenging task to take up the iconic vocabulary and make it fresh and visually relevant to our time. Christine Simoneau Hales has succeeded in doing so, and doing so brilliantly. I would never have thought that it would be possible for a contemporary artist to work in the wake of the great Byzantine masters. And yet, Simoneau Hales has done so not only beautifully but indeed she has done so in a way that makes her work consonant with our times. “
Andre Emmerich, Past President, Art Dealers of America”



Here are some of my recently completed Icons:



ICONS are a form of visual symbolic language, telling the story of the Gospel and Old Testament, ever showing us the way to deeper relationship to God.  Each element in an Icon is there for a reason, to tell the story or to convey the qualities of the saint depicted. The discipline of Icon writing is a sacred art, guided by the Holy Spirit and Tradition. Their are many varieties of styles that exist within  Tradition as a manifestation of unity through diversity inspired by the Holy Spirit.

“God in all that is most living and incarnate in Him, is not far away from us. Altogether apart from the world we see, touch, hear, smell and taste about us. Rather he awaits us every instant in our action, in our work of the moment… he is at the tip of my pen, my brush, my needle- of my heart and of my thought.”  Teilhard de Chardin

Available Icons

These Icons are not recently completed Icons but are available for purchase: