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online Icon Class Christine Hales

OnLine Icon Painting Classes

New Online Icon Painting Classes

online Icon Class Christine Hales
online Icon Class Christine Hales

Adapting to Covid this year has been interesting, for all of us. One positive development has been the online Icon painting classes I’ve created. The first one in August was a joy to teach. God blessed us with all of the technical aspects working fine and each day we had two sessions of demonstrations, discussion, and theological study. Many students chose to watch and paint later while viewing the recorded sessions later. Those who painted along with each teaching shared their progress on our private FB page, getting feed back from myself and other students.

Class Strategy

For online icon painting classes, each student needs to obtain their own materials and Icon boards, and I am keeping the necessary pigments for each class to a limited palette. This makes it easier for those new to egg tempera to begin acquiring pigments and materials and also helps with learning to mix colors that create harmony and Iconic light in the icon.

Each class is complete in that it takes the student through each step of creating an Icon. They are able to create an icon using egg tempera and gold leaf gilding. These classes are particularly good for those who wish to learn more about icons and for those who wish to learn to paint icons with the theological and historical understanding of what makes an icon.

Spiritual Discipline

Writing Icons is a spiritual discipline that requires humility, patience, and a desire to serve God through the creation of the Holy image. Icons resonate with our innermost being, and are intended to bring God’s Presence to the viewer. The Icons of saints often tell the story of the saint’s life and give testimony to the ways that God has used that person to shine forth God’s love, mercy and grace to the world around themselves.

Icon of Saint Luke by Christine Hales
Icon of Saint Luke by Christine Hales

Online icon writing classes take place on Zoom. Each session is recorded, and the student is provided with the link for that recording so that they may view it again at their own time. The Face Book group provides a forum for showing, discussion, and feedback on progress both during and after the class.

The Next Online Icon Classes

The Next online icon writing class is September 22-25, and we will be painting an Icon of the Archangel Raphael. Raphael is the patron saint of healing, doctors, nurses, and medical workers.

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September Icon Class

Archangel Raphael Icon by Christine Hales
Archangel Raphael Icon by Christine Hales

There will also be an Advent Icon writing Class, November 12-14, 2020. For this class we will be creating an Icon of Mary and the Christ Child.

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November Class