Icon School with Christine Hales

The aim of this Icon school is to provide solid and foundational teaching in the spiritual discipline of Icon painting (writing). The classes teach both how to paint icons and how to engage prayerfully in the practice of icon painting.

Offered live online through Zoom, these icon painting classes teach painting with egg tempera and natural pigments in the Byzantine tradition. Each live class is recorded and made available for students for their personal use to review and play back in their own time.

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The course offers practical assistance and demonstrations for each step of the process as well as the theology and history of Icons. Each class covers a different aspect of painting Icons in order to form a complete series of classes that will give the student confidence and experience to create their own icons. Christine Hales is the founder of the American Association of Iconographers.

Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child Icon by Rublev

Proplasmos Method

November 11-14 Madonna and Child Icon Tuition:$125

There are two main approaches to painting Icons- the proplasmos method, and the membrane method. This class we are demonstrating the proplasmos method and using tis to paint our Madonna and Child Icon.

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Membrane Method

January 19-22, 2021 Holy Face of Christ Icon Tuition: $125

We are studying the proportions of the face and the membrane method in this class. The student will learn basic facial proportions and how to use the membrane method for the Holy Face of Christ Icon.

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The Recorded classes are also available for purchase. Each class not only paints a specific Icon, but uses a basic principle of icon painting as its focus for that icon.

Pre-Recorded Icon Painting Classes

Color Mixing 101

August 11-14, 2020 Good Shepherd Icon

This class teaches the Greek Tetrakromatikon method of color mixing. We paint the Good Shepherd Icon using the four basic colors. Drawing and Color Model are supplied . $125.00

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Pre-Recorded Icon Painting Class

Color Mixing 201

September 22-25, 2020 Archangel Raphael Icon

This class builds on Color Mixing 101 by introducing value and tonal scales. There are demonstrations of how to apply this to icon painting and specifically to the Icon of Saint Raphael that we are painting in this class. $125

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Private Lesson 1/2 hour Email Support

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For specific help with class project or icons painted independently.

$50 per 1/2 hour

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