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On Line Icon Painting Classes

As this Icon School unfolds and develops, new Pre Recorded Icon Writing Classes will be available for purchase.

Improve Your Painting and Drawing Skills

Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry

Icon painting classes are a way of helping us to engage with God’s work in a visual and meaningful way.  You can use this class to simply watch and learn, or paint along with it.  Each session will be recorded so that it can be played back later.

Each step of writing the icon will be demonstrated and a recording of each class will be provided for each student to review.

These classes are designed for absolute beginners but will be enjoyed also by those more experienced. Sometimes even advanced iconographers can benefit from going back to basics and re -learning and getting rid of old habits, as well as being introduced to new materials and techniques.

icon drawing class
Icon Painting Class with Christine Hales

MAY 24-27, 2022  Transparency

Four Days of ONLINE ZOOM classes:

Morning Session 9am-10:30 Am         Afternoon Session 2PM-3:30PM

The Iconographic Drawing  uses Egg Tempera paints, pencils, erasers, and teaching on using grids in the Byzantine style of iconography.

We will be painting the icon of Mary Magdalene in this class.

Transparency between the layers of color will give your icon a beautiful, luminous depth of color and light in your icons!  Nearly everyone can benefit from this class on understanding the elements of  color layers in icons.

Join us as we explore the particular symmetry that goes into drawing and painting Icons.  We also focus on highlights and floats and how to use them for garments and faces.

This class provides examples of  icons that use  many transparent layers and how to paint them within the Byzantine style of iconography.  Spiritual flow in the icon as well as inverse perspective, color and light are essential iconographic concepts to understand in creating icons.

How It Works!

In the first class  you will watch a demonstration of how to begin an Icon, receive an overview of the class topics and schedule, and learn how to mix the egg tempera paints.  Each subsequent class demonstrates the next steps for painting the icon while also offering lectures on proportion, iconographic  sacred geometry in icons.

For Beginners and the More Experienced.

Beginners are welcome as well as intermediate level iconographers. Please let Christine know if you are a beginner and need more guidance before the class begins.

Students of all level are welcome. There’s always more to learn and  beginners and advanced students have much to offer each other in this creative, prayerful learning environment.  Writing Icons is a spiritual journey as well as an artistic discipline. Each Icon that we write has lessons for each of us to deepen our faith and improve our skills.

Each class is recorded and available at the end of the day. This is perfect for those who need to miss classes due to work or other commitments.

Tuition:  $175.00

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“Excellent workshop with much covered. Instruction was such that even a complete novice as myself was able to write a first Icon, learning important basics, and even more advanced techniques, while maintaining a spiritual focus on spiritual aspects of Icon writing.”

“Christine Hales is a wonderful, loving & patient teacher. Her skills & competencies are great and her faith inspiring!”

“This is so much more than a workshop! It is truly a prayer! I learned so much about light and spirit and joy and my own relationship with the Lord. For me, it was a window on the eternal.”

“I’ve finished viewing the remaining  videos on thinkific and am enthralled and excited by what awaits.

After sending this email…..(why do the best responses often happen after the event?) it occurred to me that your instruction is like the recommendation to teachers and parents….give your child roots and wings.  After steeping us in the blessed tradition of icons and icon writing, you then encourage us to use our God inspired creativity within the established parameters.  It’s just thrilling….at least it is for me.
Again, thank you for exceptional presentation and instruction in technique and for beautiful meditations and background on icon writing.”


Christine is the founder of the American Association of Iconographers, an online group created to provide community to those practicing the art of icon writing . A monthly blog goes out with articles of interest to iconographers.

Mary Magdalene


Private Tutoring

St. Francis drawing by Christine Hales
St. Francis drawing by Christine Hales

Now you can schedule private tutoring time.  Thirty minute or forty five minute sessions are available for in depth instruction.

Send your digital photos of the icon you are working on and we will discus how to solve problems and suggest new ways of approaching your work.

30 minute session   $ 40   PayPal

45 minute session    $50    PayPal

E mail Christine to Schedule

” I have studied the art of creating icons under Christine Simoneau Hales’ tutelage, over the past ten years. It is through Christine’s giftedness as an artist and teacher, that a whole new world has opened up for me. Through her classes, I learned not only about the tradition and techniques of Byzantine iconography, but also about the spirit that imbues this art form.

Contemporary artist, iconographer, and teacher, Christine Hales is creating a new kind of artistic language rooted in a deep and abiding spirituality, and expressed in terms that speak directly to and for our times.”

Dahlia Herring


Tuition:  $175.00

Email Address

MORE COMMENTS from Christine’s Students:

“Christine is a gentle, thorough teacher. Her knowledge of Icons and painting is vast and she is able to communicate her experience in a way that is easily understood.  This was one of the best classes I have ever had!”  Karen G.

“I’ve learned more from Christine’s Icon class about art and Icons than I learned in College! She is able to infuse her subject with enthusiasm and grace while also communicating knowledge and skill.  I highly recommend her class to anyone with a desire to learn more about Icons and how to paint them.” Susan P.

” I learned things about Icons that I never knew.  Christine’s spiritual approach to icon writing has inspired me to take this knowledge back to my church for Christian education classes”.  Peter S.

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