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Eyes of Fire

Eyes of Fire: How Icons saved My Life As An Artist

New Book about Icons, Art, And Spirituality 

Hello Fellow Iconographers:

I’ve spent the last three months writing my book about art, spirituality and Icons, called “Eyes of Fire”.  My editor and I have finished the final draft and I have two possible designs for a book cover!

This is a book for artists and spiritually minded people who love art.  I have a lot of experience navigating the art world and also being blessed by Icons. I share my experience and shine light on a possible way forward to create God centered art today.  This book will deepen and add to the reader’s knowledge and perspective on art and Icons.

Modern Art

It’s a book for those who love art and wonder why there is so little art today that is truly inspiring. I have included many quotes from modern artists in the book, as well as examples of the great Iconographer Andrei Rubelev’s life and work.


At the end of the book there is an Appendix with concise steps and directions on how to create an Icon or a work of art using the Iconographic principles.

Published on Amazon

Eyes of Fire will be published on Amazon the week of Sept 30-October 6.  It will be available on Kindle and I hope also available for a print edition.  (This is my first experience with publishing a book on Amazon, so I expect there will be a learning curve!)

Next Step: Book Launch Team

My next step is to gather a group of interested people who would want to be on my book launch team. Most of you will probably want to just read the book, but there may be a few of you who feel passionately as I do that our world needs to re-focus our art towards God and His world.  For those people, here is what the book launch team would do:

  • Read The Book
  • Write a review of it on the day of release.
  • Spread the word through friends, and communities.  That could be posting on Face Book, contacting people who have influence in the world and letting them know about the book.

If you are interested in helping with being on the launch team, please email me and I can tell you more.

Vote For a Book Cover

Everyone can help out with voting for a book cover!  Here are the two possibilities, let me know what you think!!  I like them both so your vote will help me decide.

Thank you so much for all your support and interest in my work and in Icons through the years.  Each of you is a valuable part of my community and process.  And Prayers are always welcome!!



Eyes of Fire, Book, By Christine Hales
Book Cover #1
Eyes of Fire By Christine Hales, Book Cover
Book Cover #2
Eyes of Fire Book