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Modern Icons Painted by Christine Hales, Iconographer

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                 Contemporary Religious Art 

This is a completed Icon Commission by one of America's best contemporary religious artists
Icon Commission by Christine Simoneau Hales at Saint Vincent dePaul Church, Albany, NY

To Commission an Icon:

It’s relatively easy to commission sacred art or Icons for churches or private collections:

Choose the size and subject, or talk to Christine about possible ideas. It usually takes several weeks or more, depending on size and work schedule.

Many people commission Icons as memorials to their loved ones who have passed on or as gifts for friends or their church.

This is my completed Icon Commission of eight Catholic Saints for St. Vincent De Paul Church
Icon Commission by Christine Hales at St. Vincent DePaul Church


Icons can be painted using natural pigments and egg tempera, or acrylic pigments. The choice depends on where the Icon will be stored and the look desired.

A multi-step process, the focus is on spiritual development within the icon writing tradition as well as on artitistic development.  Known as the spiritual discipline of the mind, heart, and hand, iconography is a continuation of the Russian-Byzantine icon tradition into the twenty first century.

To commission an Icon from Christine: a commissioned Icon can be a favorite Saint, a story from the Bible, and is usually a  copy of one done before the 16th Century.  It can be  given as an ordination gift, a memorial for a loved one, or a birthday .   An Icon will be a beautiful reminder of God’s Presence for many generations.


Christine’s Icons are in Churches and private collections internationally. Her experience and training as an artist and art therapist combine to add a depth to the quality of art making that is both rare and beautiful.  Her interest in using art as a medium that brings healing and integration shows through in her Icons.

Prayer is an important part of Icon writing.  The Iconographer prays not only to God, but to the Saint(s) depicted, to receive inspiration, guidance and blessings that will be transferred to the viewers of the Icons. Prayer is also an important part of commissioning an Icon- when a church congregation prays for the Iconographer, the results are so beautiful within the Icon!

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